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Underwire Charts

Round Wire Chart

Currently we carry fives styles of underwires:

  • Regular Classic Day Wire
  • Round Wire
  • Demi Wire
  • Plunge Wire
  • Low Front Continuous Monorwire

You can download the Underwire Charts for the different wire styles below. Ensure to print at 100% scale on 8.5" x 11" paper.

Plunge Wire (coming soon)

Low Front Continuous Monowire (coming soon)


Regular Classic Wire Chart

Regular Classic Day Wire 

The Regular Classic Day Underwire is a standard wire that is used for a number of bra patterns. Compared to the Round Underwire, it is 10mm shorter at the center front. The underarm edge is slightly splayed for a relaxed fit. 

Round Wire Chart

Round Wire

The Round Underwire is a standard wire that is used for a number of bra patterns. Compared to the Regular Classic Day Wire, it is 10mm longer at the center front and has a rounder shape at the underarm area with less splay.

Please note that if you had purchased these wires before 11/18/2021, they were referred to as the Long Classic Day Wires.

Demi Wire Chart

Demi Wire

The demi wire is perfect for bra patterns with cups that are low cut and only cover the breast partially.  

Plunge Wire

The plunge wire is perfect for low cut bras or push up style bras. When not using it in the plunge/push up orientation, you can also use it as a shallow day wire for bras with a relaxed fit. This wire style is great for small bust sizes because it's short and does not come up high at the underarm or center front.

Low Front Continuous Monowire

This style of monowire is low in the front and high in the underarm area to give a plunge effect.